Workers Compensation

Are you one of the million of Americans who sustained on-the-job injuries or other unexpected circumstance in the work place feel discouraged and not sure what to do?

At New Hope Chiropractic Clinic (NHCC), our chiropractor understands that it can affect your lifestyle and activities of daily living (ADL) and Dr. Henry Phung is ready to help move you beyond your pain and suffering while enhance your wellness.

Injury can occur in many different ways. Among the most commonly work-related injuries are (1) sprain/strain to the neck and back, (2) injuries involved and caused by repetitive motions. These work-related injuries typically happen in bending up and down, wrong ergonomics or lifting maneuvers, poor posture while using a computer, and improper machinery operation maneuver.

One of the biggest challenges from any work-related injuries is to identify factors that affect the musculoskeletal system and thus minimize the complication(s) leading to disability. Indeed the painful experience on the job accident can leave you suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulders pain, weakness and/or paresthesia over extremities that sometimes can take you weeks to months of conservative treatment or even longer with medical intervention before any recovery can be initiated.

Without a thorough understanding of why the injury happened in the first place, it is very difficult and challenged for a healthcare professional to help the injured workers return to their pre-injury level of activity or productivity. For years, Dr. Phung had been well-trained in physical rehabilitation that focuses on getting you back to the highest attainable level of mobility, function, and independence through a natural healing process.

Whether you're injured in a work-related accident or suffer from a sports-related injury, Dr. Phung will utilize physiotherapy, exercise therapy and rehabilitation that help to bring you back to your peak performance and along with co-management with other medical professions, Dr. Phung will provide treatment(s) that helps to reduce the amount of time spent and for a better recovery.