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Auto Inury

Are you one of the millions of Americans who happened to be in a car accident recently and are suffering from auto injury symptoms?

Symptoms can come in the form of intense back pain and/or spasm, unbearable headache or migraines, stiff neck or joint, tension over shoulders, paresthesia in arms and/or legs, ringing in ears, sleep disturbances, memory problems, fatigue, and even ability to concentrate. Often times these symptoms might or might not happen immediately following a car accident. And depends on the type and severity of an injury, victims start suffering neck pain, back pain, headache and shoulders pain within the 24 hours while others may take few hours to even few days or weeks after the initial injury. Many insurance companies can and would deny your medical claims if you did not seek medical attention within the first 48 hours after a car accident or other personal injuries.

Whiplash injury, which is one of the most common types of personal injuries. When an impact or collision occurs, the head or spine is suddenly “whip or bounce” back and forth beyond the regular range of motion causing ligaments and muscles that supported the head and spine to move off the normal range. It can cause tearing, over-stretching and soreness over the muscle and joint in the neck and back resulted in hyperflexion and hyperextension injury. To a certain degree, it can further cause bulged discs and the vertebrae to be malpositioned. Even if you might walk away without any apparent fracture or broken bones at a time, the accident can and may have done serious damage to your spine. If left untreated, serious misalignment in your spine and slowing down of your recovery can happen over time.

Being a car accident victim himself, Dr. Henry Phung can certainly relate to the pain, suffering and discomfort associated with those types of injuries. At New Hope Chiropractic Clinic (NHCC), our whole-body approach to healing and well-being is to utilize and enhance rehabilitation that helps to focus on eliminating pain(s) and thus maximizing your recovery on the same time.

Dr. Henry Phung, a trauma trained chiropractor, will guide you through treatment for a speedy recovery and will help you with any insurance questions or concerns that you might have. Dr. Phung will identify, document, and treat your injuries and refer you to a specialist if necessary.