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We would like to share with you a few success stories from our patients' archives:

Hello, my name is Annie. I have had ongoing pain for several years before I was recommended to see Dr. Phung. I was in a lot of pain from degenerative joint disease, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, fatigue, stiff neck and chronic pain. I had previously taken various medications from my family medicine and specialist and they seem to stop working for me.
After a short period of seeing Dr. Phung, I feel that my health conditions had been improved. My stiffness, aches, and chronic fatigue had been significantly reduced. I got my energy back again, my joints start to work better than before, and I am able to get back on my routine works and hobbies.

Going to Dr. Phung is worth the cost, time and effort. I feel comfortable with his assessment, I greatly enjoy his office with friendly atmosphere and I am very pleased with the outcomes of my treatment.

Hello, my name is Sandy. My husband and I brought our daughter Wendy to see Dr. Phung because she had suffered from mid back pain 2-3 times a week for the past 2+ months. Wendy was a 15 year-old girl. She is used to go biking and do exercises. Now she is less active and depressed. Sometimes she told us that her pain makes her feeling like a 40+ years old lady.

Before seeing Dr. Phung, wendy had taken lots of pain-killers and OTC medications and they seem not working for her. After going through few treatment sessions, wendy starts feeling better. We are told that her health condition was related to the development of mild scoliosis (loss of spinal curvature and is quite common in N. America).
Today, wendy is active again. She is happier and healthier. She starts playing sports, exercises and biking. She is still seeing Dr. Phung for further spinal treatment. We know that kids will get sick but we are blessed to have found Dr. Phung. We are confident with his treatment. He has a great heart with kids and he really has a gift.

Thank you so much for making me feel complete again. I wouldn’t feel as good as I do without you and the treatments you offered me. You are a wonderful inspiring man. And thank you for putting up with my emotional roller coaster.

Daphne P.

Thank you for your good care. You solved me problems that weeks of physical therapy had not helped.

Shirley J.

I really missed my treatments from you since I moved. You are a wonderful and gifted chiropractor whom I can count on for my aches and pains and especially when I hurt myself from sleeping in wrong position or heavy lifting.

Ray H.

You are a caring and gifted chiropractor who not only made a big difference in my recovery from car accident, but you also go extra mile to help me achieving my wellness. Thanks for giving me my life back. You are one of the kind that is hard to find because of the value you provide.

James T.

I was very skeptical when starting care in your office. Then I was surprised how much you had helped me to overcome my health problems. You were knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and caring. You are indeed open my eyes to learn about chiropractic. With years of receiving treatments from you, I can tell that you deserve more than you were. Besides, I am proud of knowing you who likes to tell the truth and honor God as parts of your practice.

Beth C.