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Meet The DoctorDr. Henry Phung Chiropractor Fayetteville Georgia

Dr. Henry Phung, Chiropractor

Born in Cambodia from the Southeat Asia, Dr. Henry Q. Phung was the Chinese descent and was immigrant to the U.S.A in the early 90s. Grown up from a strong family-oriented culture, Dr. Phung realized that sharing responsibility is the first step to clearly communicate in our changing world. Being brought up from a good nutrition and herbal supplement world, Dr. Phung is committed to provide the same quality care to those who seek naturopath to enhance their wellness.

Throughout childhood, Dr. Phung experienced bed-wetting (Enuresis) from his family relatives. He understands the frustration and stress from the family in the pursuit of treatment. He is far more ready to provide help to those who seek chiropractic care as an alternative for their health breakthrough.

During his college years, Dr. Phung suffered from severe back pain due to auto accident along with several incidents and sports injuries to his ankle and shoulder, he sought a chiropractor who resolved his health problems. Dr. Phung is fully committed to provide the same and even better chiropractic care that was given to him and is completely dedicated to make New Hope Chiropractic Clinic (NHCC) to be a safe place for individuals to get help when it comes down to their physical health needs.

It wasn't until he was seriously injured over the past decade that Dr. Phung began to think of chiropractic as a profession. Dr. Phung completed his undergraduate studies from Mercer University before receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University, one of the top and prestige colleges of chiropractic in the States. Right after his graduation from Life University in 2005, Dr. Phung worked in large practices in Stockbridge and Atlanta until establishing NHCC.

Dr. Phung has spent over a decade of studying and applying the most effective healing techniques from the essential of biology, chemistry, anatomy, biomechanics, and nutrition. These include radiographic diagnostics, supportive therapies, nutritional supplements and numerous adjustive techniques available. For patients who prefer hands-on spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Phung is very competent in gentle but effective high-velocity but low-force techniques to match up your condition(s).